Philosophy of Animal Chiropractic Education

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We are the only Animal Chiropractic school that offers classes the same day you are ready to sign up.
We provide cutting-edge education to doctors, animal owners, and animal consumers to reduce the use of drugs and environmental toxins in food sources. We provide professional animal chiropractic education or training with hand-on practice.
Our vision is to be the number one school in the US that understands how to train doctors to be Animal Chiropractors.
We make education exciting, fun and actionable for our audience.
Our vision is to equip Animal Chiropractors with the knowledge and confidence to make the world around them better while bringing rewards to support their families and communities.
We support our doctors, clients and animal consumers in their quest for better knowledge, better food, and a better environment.
We make seeing patients fun again.
We are committed to training our students to be confident so they can be effective in their mission to solve animal health issues.
We are the CE providers for Animal Chiropractors.
Our mission is to allow doctors to maintain their AVCA certification without spending their vacation in the classroom.
We make what we do look simple because we teach confidence, we study the brain, and we understand the motivation for animals.
We are committed to keeping AVCA doctors connected better than family.

Course Formats

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A.C.E.S. offers over 340 topics of Continuing Education in animal chiropractic education. Our online classes are hosted on a secure website and include downloadable notes for you to add to as you listen to each lecture. The material is available for two years from the date of the start of the program. Multiple choice quizzes at the end of each lecture ensure that most boards accept the classes as traditional CE. These online lectures are approved as regular CE through the AVCA, the South Carolina Veterinary Licensing Board, the State of Oklahoma Chiropractic Board, and many other agencies. A.C.E.S. is a RAIVE-approved provider, an approved provider of CE with the South Carolina Veterinary Licensing Board and by the Oklahoma Chiropractic Board. A.C.E.S. has also been approved by the Minnesota Board for Chiropractors and when enough interest arises for CE.

Hands On

Some things just can’t be taught online and require a more personal approach. A.C.E.S. has purchased a ranch just south of the DFW metroplex where students can relax and learn in a comfortable atmosphere. Animals are both on-site and located nearby to ensure that everyone gets “hands-on”, not just a front row seat to watch. Texas law allows adjustment with a veterinary referral, so students attending class are allowed to adjust real animals under the supervision of the A.C.E.S. staff.

Combined Programs

Placing the didactic portion of some programs online allows the best utilization of the doctors’ time when they are attending the “hands-on” portion of the program. Check out the list of courses to see what combined programs are available.

Practice Building

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We provide practice building materials because you need to spend your time doing what you love – seeing patients. Our team can provide your practice with literature, handouts, and visual aids to inform your clients, interest groups, and social media about animal chiropractic education. Browse our store. We will be glad to provide you with ideas on ways to use all of our products.