Special Events

Pre-Conference 2018

CE with Adventure

November 5 to 7, 2018
Begins November 5 at 8 a.m. CST
Ends November 7 at 6 p.m. CST with dinner to follow
A.C.E.S. Ranch, 10771 Hwy 6, Meridian, TX 76665
Equine dissection with chiropractic in mind.  This fresh dissection will take place over 3 days and requires many doctors to complete the task.

Like a doctor slumber party with education, this pre-conference CE will offer 30 hours.  Most doctors will stay at the A.C.E.S. Ranch, where it is all about the food.  All the food served during this class will be is designed for a healthy lifestyle and will complement the health we teach for our animals.
To sign up for this CE class, you may register for the Gross Anatomy Lab with a non-refundable tuition payment.
Rates and Reservations for a room at the ranch can be made by phone 843-900-1502.

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CE for the Animal Chiropractor’s Soul

November 12 to 14, 2018
Begins November 12 at 5 p.m. CST
Ends November 14 at 2 p.m. CST
A.C.E.S. Ranch, 10771 Hwy 6, Meridian, TX 76665

Don’t let the fun stop once the AVCA Convention is over!  Let’s dial it up a notch so that when you do go home you are rested and prepared with renewed ability to spread the Animal Chiropractic word, gain more clients, handle time more effectively and design a method that will allow your practice to work while you are away having fun.

This post-convention seminar begins with a local Texas wine tasting, provided by The Red Caboose Winery of Meridian, Texas.  Mingle with speakers and guests as you taste wines made for the Texas rough and ready pioneers.

Monday will be filled with speakers who are here to fill your Animal Chiropractic Soul with the methods and materials needed to make your practice even more your own, helping you retain the clients you love and attract the clients you want.

Monday evening everyone will celebrate their change of attitude with a change in character, and costume, while we dine and participate in a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.

Tuesday is a day filled with speakers who know how to coach their tribe to success. Tuesday’s talks will leave you with a plan formulated for your business to succeed in the next year, and for years to come.

Join us for this event by registering online or by phone at 843-900-1502.

Doctor Rounds should read Doctors Rounds to maintain consistency

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Annual Events

Doctor Rounds

Want to be a part of a collective Mind Share?  A bank of more experience and education than any one doctor can have in a lifetime?  That is what Doctor’s Rounds are designed to provide Animal Chiropractors.

The first and third Monday of each month at 8pm CT, Animal Chiropractors from around the world share their cases, their successes and their struggles.

Once a quarter, Dr. Amy and Dr. O will present special topics relating to client education or retention, including business strategies to help doctors get time away from their practices.

Any doctor using chiropractic adjustment as a tool is invited to bring cases to rounds. Screen sharing allows others to see photos, videos, and radiographs of your rewarding and/or challenging cases.  These meeting are held via Zoom and the access link is https://zoom.us/j/561455542.

Introductory offer is $20 to join one time. Following this, your subscription will be billed for $120 every 6 months.

Expect Miracles

Love to be a part of a like-minded group of people who support you and your work? Ever feel like you are the only one who thinks that there is no reason your animal patients shouldn’t heal? Want to reignite the passion you felt when you were learning Animal Chiropractic in the first place?

Have you been disappointed with your results as an Animal Chiropractor? Or fearful of using your hands to adjust animals?

You are the perfect addition to our once-a-month FREE phone Call held the third Thursday of every month. BJ said to expect miracles when using chiropractic. One of our friends reminded us that Chiropractic is not a miracle, it just is how things should be.

Sometimes it is hard to maintain your mission to adjust in a world where drugs and their side effects are considered the norm.

This motivational call is aimed at allowing everyone to share their miracles of chiropractic, good and bad. Some months we will have a guest speaker for the first 20 minutes, and then the lines will be open for questions and comments. The call starts at 8 pm CT. The number to dial in on is 712-770-4010, access code 204741.

Alumni Reception

Once an A.C.E.S. graduate, always in our hearts. This reception is held every year at the annual AVCA convention. Our graduates only know many of their colleagues via the internet and this gives them a chance to meet in flesh and blood.

This is a chance to chat with doctors from your classes and to meet other graduates of the program. It is held on Friday evening about two hours after the exhibit hall closes. Finger food is provided but it is recommended that you bring your own adult beverages, as the philosophy and history can flow freely.

Hall of Fame

No professional activity would be what it is without the minds that created it in the first place.  This invitation-only reception is hosted by members of the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame.  Both Dr. Amy and Dr. O were inducted into the 2017 class.  This reception has historically been scheduled just before the A.C.E.S. alumni reception at the same venue at the AVCA Convention, and coincidentally, is an excellent way for alumni to meet some of the pioneers who led the way to allow us to pursue our profession.

animal chiropractic - hall of fame