Maintaining professional licensure is expensive and can consume both time and money for the doctors. We understand this because we are both doctors with commitments to licenses in more than one state, along with commitments to several special interest certifications. After a while it can add up. Doctors like us not only have family and pets to leave behind but patients, clients and staff to be concerned about. Having to worry about flights and car rentals can be very stressful. Once you arrive at your destination, worrying about where to stay and where to find your next meal between classes should not be added to an already hectic weekend. The A.C.E.S. Ranch is a 192-acre teaching facility where doctors spend their time focused on learning. Staying with us is an all-inclusive package for meals, snacks and relaxation. Hiking, lounging and study areas are all here. Let us take a load off your learning experience.
Rates to stay at the facility are $110.00/night , meals included. Your all inclusive stay at the relaxing ranch includes all meals and snacks for 4 days and 3 nights. The rate is $450.00 per stay. Longer stays may be arranged.