We feel that educated dog owners make the best clients. A.C.E.S. offers some classes to dog owners and non-licensed canine professionals. As we all become more educated it is easier to make informed health care decisions for our animals.

Dr. Amy and Dr. O have been recommending raw food for carnivorous animals for over 10 years. “You are what you eat” is definitely valid when talking about the animal diet. Dogs and cats do not eat grains, fillers or highly processed foods in the wild. They require specific amino acid chains in their diets because they do not produce them themselves. Without raw organ meats, raw bones and raw meat, these animals cannot have normal chemical functions in their bodies.

Watch these videos to learn more about canine chiropractic.
Courses that Dog owner’s might find interesting

BARF Level 1

BARF Level 2

BARF Level 3

Gait Analysis 101

Gait Analysis 201C

Cellular Healing

Products Suggested For Dog Owners

Canine Muscle Rehabilitation Poster

Canine Nerve Chart

Nail Trim Brochure

Basal Metabolism Brochure

To V or Not To V Brochure

Bringing Out the Best – Canine Chiropractic

Canine Nutritional Myths

A Holistic Approach to Pet Care


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