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  • “What is Chiropractic?” PowerPoint Presentation

    This set of two DVDs contains three different PowerPoint presentations suitable for lay audiences in dog, horse, or animal. Each Power-Point has an automatic play version and a presenter…

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    This 20 minute DVD was filmed and written by Animal Care Technologies, a name known in veterinary continuing education. It is an excellent way to educate local veterinarians and…

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  • Custom Canine Kennel Flier

    Post these in training facilities to let clients know when you will be returning to the facility. They also let other users of the facilities learn whether their animals…

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  • Custom Equine Barn Flier

    Post these in barns to let clients know when you will be returning to the facility. They also let other boarders at the barn learn whether their animals would…

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  • HorseCity.Com DVD

    This DVD or downloadable mP4 has three five minute segments from RFD’s HorseCity.Com television program. Each segment shows and explains the benefits of equine chiropractic care and tells the…

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  • Question of the Day

    Get yourself, your staff and your clients focused on health and chiropractic with questions of the day. Place them on the counter, in the exam room or on social…

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  • Quote of the Day

    Each collection comes with a PowerPoint slide show, a Digital Media Video, and the individual posters in a JPEG Image collection. This set is compatible with all forms of…

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  • Taped Episodes of Harmonizing Your Horse’s Health

    This television series starring Dr. Amy and Dr. O aired on 4 continents, 17 times a week for a little over a year. There are 23 episodes of this…

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