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  • Bales

    We have adjusting bales that will help you present a professional image to your clients. Stand on them to adjust horses, use them as a table to adjust dogs.

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  • Hip Leveler

    This versatile tool helps clients focus on the levelness of the sacroiliac joints. It can be used before and after the adjustment to show the differnence.

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  • Monday Rounds

    A chance for Certified Animal Chiropractors to discuss cases in a supportive environment. Each session will detail at least two cases for discussion and sometimes many more. The format…

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  • Monthly Motivational Call

    Do you ever feel like you are the only Animal Chiropractor in the country that is trying to help animals and teach the world about subluxations and what they…

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  • Saddle Fit Ruler

    These flexible rulers are invaluable when doing a saddle fit. They can be used to measure the saddle and the shape of the back of the horse.

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