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These full color 20 page manuals include sections that define chiropractic care, describe the spinal column and nervous system and explain what a subluxation does to an animals body. Included are articles on biomechanics, wisdom of the body and why one should chose an AVCA certified chiropractor. The equine book explains the importance of saddle fit, hoof balance and dentistry. The canine book discusses obesity, nutrition and collars.
“This book should be considered an owner’s manual for anyone who owns a horse or a dog with a spine.” Rick Kauffman, DC, CAC. Clifton, Colorado
“These booklets will revolutionize how you think about the health of your animals. They are handy references that I recommend to my existing clients as well as people interested in chiropractic for animals. They succinctly explain what we are trying to accomplish with animal chiropractic from „pain management‟ to „wellness care‟ for their animals. The sections on hoof balance, dentistry and saddle fit are so critical in helping horse owner’s to understand the risk factors for subluxation. I also appreciate the section devoted to explaining the training of AVCA certified doctors. There is no better resource on animal chiropractic on the market today.” Neal J. Sivula, DVM, Certified in Animal Chiropractic by the AVCA. Past chairman of the AVCA education committee.