Want to get paid more for what you love doing?

Want a better life balance without giving up your status in the community?

Animal chiropractors learn the relationship between the nervous system and illness in a way that helps their animals avoid and overcome what often appears to be insurmountable odds.

Are you like most veterinarians who chose the job they love because they have more compassion for animals than any other human on the planet. Are you one of those veterinarians who are willing to give up their personal needs to care for their patients?

Animal chiropractors prevent emergencies by helping the animal’s nervous system respond better to its environment.

Would you like to have more clients who bring their animals to you on a regular basis instead of only when the animal is in dire straights?

Animal chiropractors see their patients more frequently, often monthly, to maintain the normal balance of the nervous system so their patients can live longer, happier lives.

Would you like to be able to treat more of your patients when they are well? Would you like to have a routinely steady cash flow that is not seasonally dependent upon either show season or breeding season for regular income?

Animal chiropractors treat their patients before they become ill by seeing them on a more frequent basis, often at a lower annual cost to the owner than a single emergency visit.  This results in a more steady income, while also resulting in a general longer relationship between the owner and the Animal Chiropractor.

Would you like to be better equipped to address the needs of patients like the paralyzed dogs and the horses with those mysterious shifting leg lamenesses?

Because Animal Chiropractic is more than moving bones, but is ultimately addressing the health of the spine which addresses the health of everything else, Animal Chiropractors understand the root causes of many seemingly untreatable disease processes in their animal patients.

Animal Chiropractic 101 gives veterinarians the tools for understanding

  • Neurological Cases
  • Gait Analysis
  • Pain Management
  • Saddle Fit
  • Movement Issues
  • Cellular Function
  • Getting to the Root Cause

Want to make fewer trips away from your practice?  Want to infuse your practice with new insights that will help your patients even more?  Is it becoming more difficult to face patients each day, feeling that your skills and talents have become a repetitious labor?

The Animal Chiropractic 101 course at Animal Chiropractic Education Source is designed for doctors who have busy practices, want to treat both dogs and horses, want to be able to sit for the AVCA Certification Exam with confidence in their education, and who want the flexibility to take the course on their own schedule.  Take the 129 hours online at your own pace.  Take the laboratories when they fit into your schedule.

All of our courses are available for licensed professionals. Most have been approved for veterinary CE credits.

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